Monday, July 31, 2006

New to KAL

Hi everyone, my name is Becky and I'm new to this KAL. I've been working on my Picovoli for a couple of weeks now. I'm using the yarn called for in the pattern in a lovely purple (see photo). I have decided to make a few changes though, so I guess you could say I'm going to do a mix of Tivoli/Picovoli. I'm going to do the picots on the sleeves, but not on the neckline or waistline. I'm also going to do some loose ribbing at the bottom to keep it from rolling. I messed up on that a little bit so I had to rip back some of it. At the moment I haven't got the time to concentrate on it so I'm going to work on a more time sensitive project for this week and come back to it soon. Here are some photos of mine:

Just the beginnings.

Past the armholes.

I've found this to be a quick knit actually. If I hadn't stopped to work on something else I definitely think I would have been done by now. Fingers crossed it will be done in another couple of weeks.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

a little more progress

I knit for a little while at the bookstore today, seeing as how it is TOO HOT AND HUMID to do anything else except eat garden-fresh tomatoes ☺

Here is the current status, about 1/2way through the waist decreases:

Closeups of the decreases:

I feel like the Worlds. Slowest. Knitter. AND I feel like my K2togs are leaving weird holey areas. Oh well. They only show up when a little stretch is applied so it’s not really visible in the pics what I am talking about.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Yaaaay! Finished!

Well, I was three days over my birthday goal date but I finished.

I used Eden bamboo yarn. It's very, very soft but it split like crazy and I find that even after blocking the stitches look a bit uneven. I had to add sixteen rows and stretch it out to block it but I've had to do that with every sweater I've made. I'm not pleased with how the neck line doesn't lay flat but oh well. I will definitely wear it!
Hello! I'm Merle aka miramis and I'm so glad I found this knit-along!

I've been invited to a wedding in August and so I planned to make a new outfit for that occasion, that is to knit a top and sew a skirt. When I plunged into the internet in search for patterns, I found the Picovoli pattern, Grumperina and this KAL and got really excited. I must say that all the Tivolis/Picovolis look so pretty on you! I casted on mine last week and did all the short row stuff for the first time in my life - I had not even heard of short rows until a couple of months ago but now I'm totally in love with the technique! How clever! Right now I'm at the waist increases (sorry, no pictures yet).
But wait.. as I tried it on some minutes ago with half of the increases done, I found that it looked too tight on me, uncomfortably tight. I'm afraid I've done something wrong, maybe chosen the wrong size from the very beginning although it seemed perfect before... Well, I guess I must have a second look in the daylight (it's past midnight here in Estonia) and then decide what to do... No ripping tonight, although I'd so much like to do that in order to start knitting again as soon as possible!
By the way, the yarn I use is TopTex Edita Glamour (55% cotton, 45% viscose) from Czech Republic, you can see the colours etc on this website. I've chosen black but I also have Edita in pink so I'm almost sure that there will also be a pink Tivoli or Picovoli in my wardrobe :)

P.S. Here's my English knitting & crocheting blog and here's the one in the Estonian language (with more pictures)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

introductory post

Hi! I'm webhill and I have a knitting blog at
I have been working on a Tivoli (Picovoli without the Picot edging) for a while now and just tried it on for the first time today. I have been going through the archives to look for help with all kinds of things so I am really glad to finally join. I just realized I didn't have my marker in place under the right underarm and I am only about an inch away from really NEEDING it there so I was happy to notice a discussion of where it goes back in the first month of archives :)

Here is a picture of my WIP (if this works :)):

I'm using Plymouth Wildflower DK yarn for this, and making the 36" size, if anyone cares.
Hi everyone!

This is so late and there are no pics but I had to share the labour of love that is the knitting of Picovoli with those who will actually appreciate it.

I bought some bamboo yarn to make the Lotus Blossom Tank from the cover of Interweave Knits only to find that I suck at and hate lace knitting and therefore the project was a disaster. I ripped it all out many times and decided it was the perfect time to start Picovoli.

I finished all the raglan increases only to find that I had way too many stitches. I ripped a few rows out and tried again. Still too many stitches. I slipped it over my head just to make sure it was too big and I looked like I was wearing a Elizabethan ruff or like I was one of those lizards with the fanned gills around thier head. I had been a moron and I had increased at the beginning of the round marker as well as at the raglan markers. So, I had to frog it back to the cast on.

Now I was starting to panic that by the time I finished it it would be fall and too cold to wear it. So I busted ass on the weekend and now I'm at the waist decrease section. I would have taken pictures but seeing as it just barely covers my chest I thought it would be more appropriate on a different kind of website, if you catch my drift.

I hope that I can finish it by my birthday (this Thursday) so I can wear it proudly then. Pictures to come very soon, I hope.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Starting is so sweet

Thanks for letting me join in on the knit along fun! I just got some yarn at my LYS that screamed "Picovoli" to me. I'm excited to get started. It's Takhi Stacey Charles Siena yarn. It was 1/2 off adn I couldn't resist the colorway. It's a flat tape type yarn. I took it home and started a swatch and am very excited to knit with this yarn. Hopefully I'll get to cast on this week!

Tivoli - will Elann Sonata work?

I purchased some of the Elann Cotton Sonata yarn and wonder if it would be suitable for a Tivoli or a Picovoli. It's the yarn used in the Knitty Soleil top. Has anyone used this yarn for a Tivoli?

Saturday, July 08, 2006

A "BUSY" Tivoli / Bizoli!!

Is anyone else drawn to multi color yarn but actually like the look of solid color clothing best? That would be me. I purchased the coolest yarn back in the Spring - Classic Elite Fame - in a lovely varigated purple colorway. The yarn is a nubby silk / rayon blend that is oh-so-soft! Had trouble finding a project that I could get gauge until Tivoli. I started this top right before vacation and finished it on the way home. I love the fit and I'm "ok" with the color. I decided I'm making another one in a solid color!!! With the picot trim, if I can ever figure it out.

(Please ignore the fact that the top doesn't match my denim capris. I will wear the top with khakis.)