Friday, June 23, 2006

C'est finit!

I did manage to finish this Tee before I went on holiday (even though in the end I didn't get to wear it after all...!!).

Click here for a few more modelled shots for anyone who's interested.

Really quick and fun knit :)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Me too

Well, it was started on 6/5 or something like that. And casting on at midnight is really not a good idea. Not even with two cups of coffee in your stomach. I had to frog the )#*$)#*($ thing 4 times. It was almost as if it was not meant to be! But the 100 % silk from Artfibers (Hana) is LOVELY to knit with. Using sz 3 needles. Did the swatch and quite a bit of math to make sure I would do the right size. And also did the short rows so now the boobage FITS FITS FITS. (It's so lovely to be able to knit something that won't stretch tightly over the boobage but be dumpy everywhere else.) And I personally like the purple, however the hubby's comment was "wow, that's a Barney color!", "WHAT, you're saying I'M FAT LIKE BARNEY??" was the natural reply. Tried it on a gazillion times to make sure the increases and decreases were in the right areas as well. It's great to be able to make it top down and just fit it as you go along! Also got the Knitpicks shine in grass green, and may make it again! Will post picture when it's completely done. Right now, I'm at the picot sewing. It's a pain, but it looks so pretty! Also noticed that my gauge in the round is so way different from back n forth. I must knit differently when I purl..

Friday, June 16, 2006

I finally started!

It has been on my list forever, and now I have finally started:



Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hello there!

A big thank you to Caitlyn for letting me join this KAL :)

This is my Picovoli wip which I hope to have finished in time for my holiday on Wed... talk about cutting it close! I started it on 4th June and have been knitting frantically to have this done in just over a week or so...

The first picture was taken yesterday morning before I went out and I took the second one last night after a few more rows... please do excuse the crappy photo (oh my, my mirror is disgustingly dirty!!!)... and my not-so-sexy PJ bottoms ;)

Specs: am using 3.75mm needles as I'm a very tight knitter, and even so, I think my fabric is somewhat firmer than the designer intended, but I'm loving it! I'm knitting this in Debbie Bliss Cathay in black. What else? Oh yes, I shortened the straight section before the bust decreases by approx 1cm and added a few more increases for the hips.

Back to knitting - have all a good weekend xx

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