Monday, July 24, 2006

Hello! I'm Merle aka miramis and I'm so glad I found this knit-along!

I've been invited to a wedding in August and so I planned to make a new outfit for that occasion, that is to knit a top and sew a skirt. When I plunged into the internet in search for patterns, I found the Picovoli pattern, Grumperina and this KAL and got really excited. I must say that all the Tivolis/Picovolis look so pretty on you! I casted on mine last week and did all the short row stuff for the first time in my life - I had not even heard of short rows until a couple of months ago but now I'm totally in love with the technique! How clever! Right now I'm at the waist increases (sorry, no pictures yet).
But wait.. as I tried it on some minutes ago with half of the increases done, I found that it looked too tight on me, uncomfortably tight. I'm afraid I've done something wrong, maybe chosen the wrong size from the very beginning although it seemed perfect before... Well, I guess I must have a second look in the daylight (it's past midnight here in Estonia) and then decide what to do... No ripping tonight, although I'd so much like to do that in order to start knitting again as soon as possible!
By the way, the yarn I use is TopTex Edita Glamour (55% cotton, 45% viscose) from Czech Republic, you can see the colours etc on this website. I've chosen black but I also have Edita in pink so I'm almost sure that there will also be a pink Tivoli or Picovoli in my wardrobe :)

P.S. Here's my English knitting & crocheting blog and here's the one in the Estonian language (with more pictures)


Blogger webhill said...

What short row stuff are you doing to Tivoli/Picovoli?? Are you using short rows in the bust area? I think mine needed it but I didn't do it because I have no idea how and it isn't in the pattern and that's just way too advanced for me :)

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