Thursday, August 10, 2006

Washable Yarn Suggestions?

Hi, everyone! I've been lurking here as I finished my first Tivoli in SWTC Bamboo. (My camera is having issues, so I can't yet share my finished photos. Arghh.) It was such a fun knit that I'd like to make a second, this time for a friend who refuses to hand-wash anything. I've been reading previous posts to check for Picovoli made with washable yarns. Have any of you found washable yarns that work well and look good even after the dreaded initial washing? Thanks for your help!


Blogger stefanie said...

Another Stef with an "f"? I'm always surprised by how many of us there are...

Anyway, I used Knit Picks Shine for my Tivoli (which I just finished about a week ago). I handwashed to block it and have since run it through the machine just once (on gentle cycle, washed in Woolite), and so far it still looks good. I hope additional washing doesn't change that, but I can't say for sure at this point.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just finished my Tivoli in SWTC Oasis, and I'd like to do another, maybe using Classic Elite Provence? (I LOVE Provence.)
Re: handwashing....when you give your friend her Tivoli, give her a small bottle of Eucalan (I call it "The Dip") and tell her that all she has to do is Soak It, Roll It In A Towel, Lay It Flat To Dry.
I'm not a big fan of handwashing, but I love The Dip!

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