Friday, March 24, 2006

Picovoli progress report

On Tuesday night I tried it on for fit in the bust, and it fit perfectly (insert huge sigh of relief here). The only thing that was off was that after knitting down 4 inches, it only came about mid-bust, so I knit an additional 1.5 inches before starting the decreases. Pictures of it on me are on my blog.

So I've been happily decreasing away and got to the end of those last night. I tried it on for size again, and it still fits perfectly. Yay!

I'm on the home stretch now. I can't believe how fast this project has gone! I think it's because there's parts that are mindless enough for me to knit it anywhere, but there are also parts that I get excited to reach because they seem new and interesting.

The Shine has been lovely to work with-very soft. The only downside is its good stitch definition. On the one hand, it makes it easy for me to see what I'm doing, but on the other hand it shows every little flaw. I haven't made any stitch mistakes, but I am a new knitter, so my tension probably isn't the best. Also, you can see exactly where I've joined new yarn despite the type of join (I used both the traditional one that they show on and the Russian join that Beth used). I've kept the joins from happening in the front, but next time I will keep them exclusively on the sides and not let them fall in the back, as the back of my Picovoli is less than ideal looking. Good thing I'm growing my hair out!


Anonymous Julia said...

My joins show up really strongly too, it's kind of annoying. I'm using Shine as well and have noticed the same thing-that it shows mistakes easily. I didn't know there were special types of joins you can use, thanks for the tip, I'll have to look at KnittingHelp.

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