Sunday, February 12, 2006

Kelowna Olympic Knitting Team

I almost joined the Canadian team, but I wimped out when I realized that I would be on call for a week during the Olympics. However, since my DH will be out of town during 6 of those 7 days, I can give it my best shot (and let the dishes pile up in the sink!). Tivoli is the project I will attempt to finish before the end of the closing ceremonies.

I started my first tension swatch on Friday apres opening ceremonies:

And in the spirit of pushing my performance to the limits, I actually washed the swatch, and plan to block the sweater once I am done (I have been kind of lazy, and had previously planned to avoid blocking if at all possible). I am also using the most high-tech equipment: my new Denise interchangeable needle set. I'm using Berocco Lang Zeta yarn (lucky shade 13), which is a cotton /linen mix, and size 5 circulars.

This morning I cast on. How far I get today depends on whether or not we make it to the ski hill. (Hmmm, it's an hour driving each way, I wonder how mush I would get done if I knit in the car...)


Blogger caitlyn said...

The color is really pretty! Looking forward to seeing your Tivoli.

12:29 PM  

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