Friday, February 17, 2006


Argh! I just finished the yoke, and didn't have the foresight to count my stitiches intermittently. I should have 284 sts, and I have 299 - I think I did one too many repeats of the "knit 1 round even, work 2 inc rounds",because that would explain 16 extra stitches (and dropping one stitch somewhere would make for 15 extra stitches).

When I get home from work I will try it on to get some sense of if it's too big - I am about to castoff for the armholes, so it will be a very rought guess, I suspect. As I see it, my 2 options are - rip it back 3 rounds ( almost 600 stitches - sigh!), or cast on a few less stitches for each armhole and throw in a few k2togs and ssk to get rid of the excess.

At this point I am not sure what the best option is - my bust measurement is 37 inches, so I'm kind of nervous that the 36 inch size will be too big, however, since I am tall (5'11") and have broad shoulders and a long back-waist length, I might be able to accomodate the extra room at the top of the garment. Plus I am a 36A, which means that relatively speaking, my torso is probably bigger than someone who has a larger bust (my under bust measurement is 31 inches, where someone with a 36C bra size would measure more like 28-30 inches).

And of course, the fact that this is my Olympic project makes me biased towards just plowing ahead rather than ripping out the work I have already done ;)

Anyone have any input?


Anonymous Julia said...

Hmm...well, you may have already made your decision but I think you will be fine. Since you have a bigger chest/bust/torso, it will probably work! This pattern is very fitting...I knit my first one in the smallest size, which shouldn't have been a problem, and it was *tight*! I'm knitting the next one a little bigger. So maybe yours won't turn out super-fitted, but I would guess that it won't be too loose either.

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