Sunday, November 06, 2005

Getting there

I was debating between the Picovoli version, and the Tivoli version. I've decided to do the Tivoli version so I can have this top done by the time I go to Mexico in December! It'll be perfect for slightly cool, south of the border nights. These pictures aren't so exciting, over the weekend I got through the first set of raglan increases, and the first ball of Knitpicks Shine.

This is my first knitted top, and so my first raglan seaming. I love the way it looks, and it's fun to do! It's so mathematical and neat. I highly recommend the Knitpicks Shine, by the way. Not only is it cheap, but it's very soft and has a nice sheen the camera doesn't pick up. It feels great to knit with it. Happy Tivoli-ing!


Anonymous beth said...

Great job so far! I hear ya on the shine, the camera doesn't do it justice:)

8:23 AM  

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