Friday, September 09, 2005


I have been knitting the Tivoli in the smallest size. I finished the armholes and was working on the bust section. But I've been looking at it and thinking that it looks really small. I just tried it on, and lo and behold -- this thing is way too tiny. I know it's supposed to be stretch, but ummm...I don't think this size is going to work for me. I did knit a gauge swatch and I achieved gauge, but I knit a flat swatch so perhaps my gauge is different in the round? *sigh* Off I go to rip and start over...perhaps I'll have progress pictures in a week or so! I hope your Tivoli/Picovoli is going better! Happy knitting!


Blogger Elspeth said...

I have a very similar problem. I did a gauge swatch and got gauge, but now that I'm knitting it it looks really small. I think I'll keep going until I'm sure it's too small, though. What a pain!

7:36 PM  
Blogger Lynette said...

But Caitlyn, you are a small person! I thought for sure you would be knitting the smallest size. Now I'm worried. I hope this thing really stretches.

12:53 PM  
Blogger Jess said...

What yarn are you using? If it's very drapey, you might want to leave it as it is.

I used Shine for my first. Although it fit fabulously at the crop-top stage, by the time the weight of the full sweater was on it, it sagged and got much looser. I still like it, but I would have gone for a downright _tight_ fit at the crop top stage if I had known just how much it was going to sag. (Not that Grumperina didn't warn me...)

8:22 AM  

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