Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Does a Swatch Count as Progress?

That's basically all I've done so far regarding Tivoli. I re-swatched over the weekend using 3 different needle sizes and blocked it to make sure I got gauge with this one. Does anyone else have concerns about size? The pattern recommends knitting the size that's 2 inches smaller than your actual bust size but mine is not listed (I'm a 32, need a 30). I measured a sweater that's a pretty close fit and decided to knit the 32-incher. However, I'm still concerned it will be a little big because, well, that would just be my luck.

Anyways. So I'll be using...

yarn - Berroco Softwist in Mushroom
needles - size 6 bamboo

Looking forward to knitting with ya'll.


Blogger caitlyn said...

I think a swatch counts as progress. =)
I am concerned about size too. I'm knitting the smallest size, and am a tad worried that it will be too small. Oh well, I'm prepared to frog!

7:29 PM  

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